Win at Weightloss in the Kitchen

One of the greatest secrets (and easiest) to losing weight & KEEPING IT OFF is to give your kitchen a "makeover."

First, make a plan to overcome your unhealthy habits. This is an important step and you cannot "fudge" (no pun intended!) Seriously, though...throw out all the processed junk, the unwanted carbs lingering in your pantry, especially the sodas! Certain people in my household, in the past, would hoard sugary sweets in a drawer at work or by the bedside. Do yourself the biggest flavor, I mean "favor" and get rid of it, pronto! Clearing out the sugar and starches from your cabinets can make all the difference in YOUR success. Don't sabotage yourself! Fill your countertops with easy to grab fruits! Always have beautiful and colorful fruits/veggies inside your fridge and pair them with protein choices, like low-fat cheese and peanut butter.  Keep healthy snacks on hand inside your pantry. It really is that simple!

Secondly, for the person who has limited time during the day...preparing foods helps you avoid "pitfalls"! When you revive your healthy eating habits, limit yourself to how often you are eating out. In the beginning, it's simply too tempting. Make delicious lunches AND snacks. Make a menu plan to decide what's going to be for dinner Saturday night; or Wednesday evening (when the kids have practice and you come home late). Avoid the co-worker that has all the goodies stashed in the drawer at their desk (like my hubby did). Instead, try packing flavored (no calorie)carbonated waters, almonds, and a fresh apple for snacks instead.

Lastly, find super-easy nutritious meals (here!) that you can easily put together. Cooking can take less time than picking up food to go. This includes a variety of vegetables and fruit, low-fat dairy products, lean protein like turkey and tuna. Set some time aside to prep! This way healthy foods are ready when you're hungry!

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