Chicken Avocado Burrito Wraps

I am a southern girl, thru and thru. So, ditching old habits, like Tex-Mex foods, aren't easy. The solution was to upgrade the 'burrito' with some healthy features!


2 cups of shredded chicken (grilled is good)

1 cup of low-fat Mexican Cheese

1 Fresh(medium size) avocado, diced

2 tablespoons of shredded Cilantro

4 Large Whole Wheat Tortillas (we pronounce the 'll' as 'y')

1 tablespoon of virgin olive oil


In a large bowl, mix shredded chicken, cheese, cilantro, diced avocado together. *it's ok to sample the goods before they go into the burrito ;0)

Put 1/4 of a cup (you can adjust portion as you go) onto one tortilla.

Wrap burrito style.

Prepare your pan by setting it on medium heat and put olive oil in. Carefully place burrito in the pan and cook on one side for 1 minute (or until it slightly turns brown). Flip burrito to finish cooking on the other side.

Remove from pan and ENJOY!

May be paired with hotsauce, but you should really taste it first!

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