Why You Should Charge Your Stones/Crystals During a Full Moon, plus a bonus chart

Why You Should Charge Your Stones/Crystals During a Full Moon, plus a bonus chart


Welcome to my Blog post about Why You Should Charge Your Stones/Crystals During a Full Moon.

PLUS, a bonus chart: Moon Phases & Astronomical Events!

I have been blogging regularly about gemstones and crystals and realized what other readers might not know about Lunar Energy and how to harness the restorative energy of the full moon!

Our crystals receive energy from us AND it's environment on a regular basis. It's because of this ability to receive and release energy, that makes it the most powerful way of recharging and cleaning during a Full Moon. Our Crystals/Gemstones must be cared for just like we care for ourselves, especially if you use your crystals/gemstones on other people and places.

A Full Moon has amazing and rich energy that blankets the Earth, affecting everything in it's path. Collectively, as humans, it affects our heart, emotional desires, our psychic intuition, as well as our physical bodies (for renewal/regeneration). Imagine the potential of power it can have over crystals/gemstones if it can affect us go greatly! Among other methods of cleansing your gemstones/crystals, BY THE LIGHT OF THE FULL MOON-you cannot physically damage them.

Technically, you have 3 days of the lunar cycle to cleanse/recharge them: the day before, the day of, and the day after. Simply,place them outside, just before sunset, in a glass bowl/wood bowl/shell and set them out to bathe in the beauty of the full moon. If it is your practice to set intentions, this would be the perfect time to do so. Typically anywhere from 2 to 5 hours, outside, will be fine. You can leave them outside, overnight. You may also recharge and cleanse your crystals/gemstones in this same fashion. The next morning, bring them in shortly after sunrise, although a little charge from the sun is ok. Some stones, like turquoise and Amythest, can fade over time when left to long exposures of the sun. Be mindful of precipitation when leaving stones outside, especially when combining stones together. You can always leave them indoors, still placed under the moon lights from a window. If you cannot see the moon, no problem, you can still charge them. The energy will be the same, with or without cloud coverage. If your jewelry has gemstones/crystals, you can charge them in the same fashion.

Please enjoy a list of the following 2017 Moon Phases & Astronomical Events!


JANUARY:      Jan 12th                          Meteor Shower                        Jan 3,4

FEBRUARY:   Feb 10th                          Solar Eclipse                            Feb 26

MARCH:         March 12th                       Spring Equinox                         20th                 

APRIL:            April 11th                         Jupiter closest to the Earth      7th

                                                                Lyrids Meteor Shower              22,23

MAY:               May 10th                          Aquarids Meteor Shower          6,7

JUNE:              June 9th                          Saturn closest to the Earth       15th

                                                                 Summer Solstice                      21st

JULY:               July 8th                         Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower   28,29

AUGUST:         Aug 7th                            Partial Lunar Eclipse                  7th

                                                                  BEST METEOR SHOWER        12,13

                                                                  Total Solar Eclipse                      21st

SEPTEMBER:  Sept 6th                           Fall Equinox                             22nd

OCTOBER:       Oct. 5th                           Draconids Meteor Shower        7th

                                                                  Uranus closest to the Earth      19th

                                                                  Orionids Meteor Shower           21, 22

NOVEMBER:     Nov. 4th                          Taurids Meteor Shower            4,5

                                                              Venus/Jupiter closest to earth      13

                                                                 Leonids Meteor Shower            17,18

DECEMBER:      Dec 3rd                         SUPERMOON!!!!!                       3RD

                                                                 Geminids Meteor Shower            13,14

                                                                 Winter Solstice                              21st

                                                                  Ursids Meteor Shower                 21,22



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