Get SuperFit with the HooperChick

Get SuperFit with the HooperChick

Studies show that the average person puts on 5 to 10 pounds during the holiday season. AVOID being a statistic and take on the #TexasHoopChallenge!

Beginner Basics to getting Super Fit with the Hula Hoop: before beginning any fitness programs, it is recommended that you check with your doctor first.

1. Step inside the hoop and pick it up to waist level

2. Put one foot slightly in front of the other

3. It is a front to back motion, activating core muscles

4. Put the hoop flush against your back.

5. Wind up your hoop by pulling it to the far side and then launch by giving it a good push

6. Rock your stomach muscles back and forth (push and pull movement).

7. Remember to keep your core lifted and maintain a good posture. Pull your navel in.

8. Stack your hands on top of each other with your elbows straight out. It can be difficult for beginners to find a comfortable place for hands

9. Remember not to make circles and not to move your knees. The bulk of the action is happening in your core, so push and pull movements are all that's needed.

10. The hoop is going to fall. that's apart of learning.

How can I get a good Hula Hoop Workout?

Hoops used for Fitness/Beginners should measure a 1/2" Diameter to 3/4" Beginner for muscle toning. Here's some ways to ramp up your Hoop Fitness, burn more calories, and increase the muscle tone.

A. Add wrists weights/ankle weights: Adjustable ankle weights can help firm your thighs, calves, glutes, abs and lower back, especially when you are passing the hoop under your legs. Wrists weights will help strengthen your arm muscles and chest.

B. Use faster music. Try to keep up with the beat by moving your hips to a faster beat. your heart will instantly begin to pump faster. For a conditioning workout, use intervals, alternating between regular, to fast, to slowing down. Hoop really fast for 1 minute and then slow down for 30 seconds.

C. Try new moves. Move in an opposite way inside your hoop. At first, it can be challenging, but is very interesting as well as a great way to burn extra calories. It is also a left brain/right brain activity! Get those arms moving. Move them in a dance like fashion. Snap your fingers. Pump your muscles. Anything that looks jazzy and you feel the beat in your arms is going to provide movement-and that is burning extra calories that you weren't before! Drop the hoop a few millimeters. Keep the hoop right there for a while and then pump it a little faster. Dip your body down and you will find that you have just brought your hoop up! So, now you are dropping the hoop and bringing it up!

D. Get moving now! Don't be stationary. There's absolutely no reason for you to stand in one place. Start by taking side steps. If you feel comfortable or bold, then take a step. Then step back. Take 2 steps forward. Start Walking! Walk sideways. Walk backwards. Drop the hoop lower to your legs and hoop sideways. Walk and hoop faster if you can.

E. Begin a Simple Hoop Routine and build as your core is strengthened.

1.Start with a 1 to 5 minute warm up, inside your hula hoop.

2.Spend 5 minutes hooping with one arm, repeat on other side.

3. Hoop for 10 minutes, taking side to the left and then back to the right.

4. Hoop 10 minutes, taking 2 steps forward and 2 steps back.

5. Hoop for 10 minutes trying to squat.

6. Cool down for 7 to 8 minutes with a slow stationary hooping.

7 Hoop exercise to improve your abs


1. Don't be upset by the results you didn't get with the work you didn't do

2. IF YOU REALLY WANT IT, it will be on your mind all freaking day

3. OMG...I can't lose weight, it must be my trainer's fault! Get real with yourself by keeping a daily food journal. NO FUDGING (no pun intended) and seriously report how much fat, sugars, and carbs you are actually consuming

4. FEAR...put a BIG "X" on it

5. Exercise is the most important and underutilized ANTIDEPRESSANT...and it's FREE.

6. Potential of 900Calories Burned per minute, when hula hooping. Hula Hooping is NOT just a core workout. MAXIMIZE your calorie burn thru full body hooping.

7. STOP Falling off the Diet and Exercise Wagon. GET ON the Healthy Living Lifestyle, it's a lifetime commitment.

8. Benefits of using Texas Hoops and Hooping workout tips: A.Potential to increase flexibility B. Tone your body C. Improve Blood Circulation D. Fight Stress E. Increase Your Fitness Level F. Improve your overall mood G. Improve your coordination          H. Improve the flexibility of your spine   I. Give you a boost of much needed endorphins J. Potential to change your life  K. Guaranteed to make you smile

9. Always check with your regular physician before beginning any new form of exercise.


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