How to Use Your Crystals & What You Need to Know To Get Started

How to Use Your Crystals & What You Need to Know To Get Started

Hello and Welcome to My Blog about how to use your crystals AND what you need to know to get started!

Crystals and gemstones have been used for a thousand years because they are so versatile and beneficial!

It's no accident that you've ended up here, on this blog page, searching for crystal/gemstone information. In one way or another, humans have endured change, began new chapters, or just needed a fresh start. Gemstones and Crystals have been used throughout history for these purposes!

It is not unusual to find yourself drawn to certain types of stones. The soul often seeks out what it needs for the life's journey. So, if you see a certain stone because of it's color, shape, vibrations, or size...GET IT! There have been times when I picked up a stone and felt like I was reunited with an old friend!

Be sure to cleanse your gemstones/crystals, and often! When you first purchase OR receive a stone/crystal, make sure your 'clean' it. This does not mean to do it with soap and water either! You can clean your crystals using sage, Singing Bowls, Light of a full moon, or even Holy Water. Why would you want to clean them? Chances are, whoever has handled the gemstones prior to yourself (and this can go all the way back to the cashier/previous shoppers/original owners) of the stone, ALL CARRY ENERGY. And, whether they mean to or not, simply by touching gemstones/crystals, a transfer of energy and intentions can occur. So, for your best possible outcome (including buying jewelry with gemstones/crystals in it), the best thing to do is to clean it straight away. Also, because we are human experiencing human emotions throughout the week, we are constantly offering different vibrations. So, they energy you had on Sunday may not be the same energy you offered on Saturday. For this reason, if you are using crystals for holistic reasons, it is suggested to clean them on a weekly basis. (note: not all crystals need cleaning, such as Quartz or Selenite).

Make sure you properly store them for safety. There are stones such as Kyanite, Selenite, Tanzanite, Lepidolite and shells that flake off easily in their raw form. Make sure you read my Blogpost, HOW TO STORE YOUR GEMSTONES. There are lots of great ideas on how to travel with your stones to interesting ways to displaying them!

Some gemstones can be poisonous (like Stibnite), so please make sure you do your research when handling the gemstones.






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  • Dahlia - March 25, 2017

    I love crystal’s I always have

    Even as a children, because of you I’m understanding why now. Thank you

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