Essentials Crystals/Stones for Empaths, Listed From A-Z

Essentials Crystals/Stones for Empaths, Listed From A-Z

Hello and Welcome to my Blog Post, Essential Stones for Empaths!

This is the perfect reference point to find Healing Stones for Psychic Development, Empaths, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, HSP's, and Mediumship.

I have been an Empath, for as long as I can remember (and that's a LOOOOOONG time because I'm 40ish)! I am easy to feel other people's emotions, especially if I am in crowds. There are times when I sense/hear other people's thoughts. This also applies to pets. Even locations will reveal their history to me in one way or another. I tend to be an outdoorsy type of person, but that mainly applies to anything in nature. I love the zoo, especially when the animals are happy. I love mountain sides and being among tall trees! I have, for most of my life, been sensitive to spirit as well. I feel spirit and communicate as well. I've never tried to make this happen as it easily comes to me.

This comes with great responsibility, being an Empath. Because we take on so much energy, we become psychic sponges. Eventually, it becomes to much and certain energies can be draining, or even attach, in ways that are not healthy (even if it's just negative energy).

Much like daily care of our physical bodies (brushing teeth, showering, exercise), Empaths need and should protect their own energy/spirit. Empaths may utilize crystals/gemstones to shield themselves from negativity, psychic attacks, energy vampires, grounding, & protection.

These Essential Stones will help you set your intentions, especially if your practice involves manifesting desires of the heart. You need to be able to match your energy to the same vibrations of the universe, who is responding back to you! In addition to, these essential stones/crystals will help clean your aura as well as protect your emotions and strengthen psychic wall.

Empaths or Highly Sensitive People can carry a small bag of crystals, wear them as jewelry, keep them in a room of high traffic (like home or work), and even place them in your car.

Be sure to cleanse your crystals often, suggested on a weekly basis. You can refer back to my Blog Post on How to cleanse your Crystals Properly.

Look for this symbol for MY FAVORITES: *

ADVENTURINE: wards off negativity

AMETHYST: opens 3rd eye chakra, increase clairvoyance/clairaudience abilities

APACHE TEARS: releasing emotions

APACHE GOLD: strengthens boundaries and absorbs negativity

* APOPHYLLITE: Connects to angelic realm,opens 3rd eye,rapidly develops telepathy

AQUA AURA QUARTZ: deflects negative energy

BLACK OBSIDIAN: repels unwanted energies out of your aura and personal space.

CARNELIAN: for energy

CHAROITE: stone of Transformation. Enhances past live visions. Supports your life path. Opens the heart so you can CONNECT TO ALL. Helps raise your vibrations. Helps you access knowledge during dream state.

CITRINE: protects aura, shields solar plexus, absorbs negative environment energy

CLEAR QUARTZ: enhances psychic abilities, charges other crystals.

HEMATITE: blocks anxiety, strengthens one's aura, helps avoid psychic vampires

* HERKIMER DIAMONDS: Most powerful of all quartz, manifests pure light, aids psychic attunement, amplifies spiritual energy, helps in meditation/vision/dream work, one of the best tools for advanced spiritualization applications.

* KYANITE: amplifies high Energy frequencies, helps tune in, and receive intuitive messages

LABRADORITE: heightens intuition & enhances psychic abilities

LAPIS LAZULI: aids in spiritual mastery, tune into higher levels, increases power

* MOLDAVITE: literally, born from a star! Profound ability to accelerate spiritual evolution. Highly sought after! Connects you to intense frequencies. Strengthens your vibrational field. Powerful meditation aid and dream-work. Increases sensitivity to guidance, intuition, telepathy, and the ability to receive messages.

MOONSTONE: for sensitivity

ONYX, BLACK: releases negative energy, protects, and grounds

* PHENACITE: Highest Energy Crystal for advanced workers, rapid spiritual growth

QUARTZ: clears ALL chakras, protection, and supports all areas of development

* STIBNITE: (please note-this stone should never be worn/handled directly. place this next to you during meditation OR store it inside something) It is extremely toxic and deadly. Never leave accessible to children. With that being said, It is Highly Powerful Stone and most notably used for bringing Transformation into your life, ON A GRAND SCALE. Refreshes and enhances your outlook on life. A strong stone to bring what you DESIRE into your life. Potential to bring Power and Wealth into your life, but only if you stay focused on your goal. Attunes you to Higher Frequencies and enhances personal power. Powerhouse of Potential that can increase each day (if used regularly)

* SUGILITE: boosts intuition, aids in metaphysical/healers work, ultimate love stone. Helps Remove negative attachments. Let go of worry and stimulates positivity. Effective during meditation for Crown Chakra. Helps you understand why you reincarnated to earth this time. Promotes psychic growth, especially channeling abilities. Connects one to deep Spiritual Wisdom & Love.

* TANZANITE: links to higher realms, aids in psychic communication and power

* TEKTITE: Connect to higher realms, increases your vibrations, enhances psychic abilities (especially telepathy), aids in astral travel, helps spiritual workers 'thin the veil'

TOURMALINE, BLACK: Very strong protection


Are you an Empath? Do you consider yourself a Highly Sensitive Person? If so, is there another gemstone/crystal that you use to protect yourself?



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