How to Store Your Gemstones/Crystals

How to Store Your Gemstones/Crystals

Welcome to my Blog post on How to store your gemstones and crystals!

If you love your gemstones and crystals as much as I do, then you have found your definitive guide to storing these little babies for longevity!

Let's begin by packaging your gemstones separately.

Most of mine are in small plastic bags, grouped together by their own kind. So, for instance, if I have a bundle of geodes, then they are all collectively packaged together.

Another way of safely storing your earthly treasures, are by using storage bins. These storage bins have their own compartments, removable dividers. Let's say you have ocean shells (come in a variety), you are still able to put your ocean shells in one container, but divide conch shells from Zebra shells, from coral, ETC.


You can also group your crystals together by Properties, Worth, Tumbled/Raw, Fragile, and even by Color!

EVEN WHEN my gemstones are not in use, they are still in use!

What I mean by this is, I display a lot of my gemstones, simply because I am proud of them! I have created a sacred space in my work area where I safely display some of the gemstones in Pyrex Glass Bowls. I believe in creating a positive space, so I have a Buddha Statue, A Singing Bowl, candles, incense, Religious statues, Holy Water/oils and Sage surrounding my glass bowls of gemstones. 

I love to share my gemstones with family and friends, so...I also have wooden frames with compartments to that I can proudly display the gemstones/crystals/shells individually. It's especially exciting to share these treasures in this fashion with friends and family when they come over! Not only that, they are able to pick them up and touch them, and then return them exactly where they came from.

If you like to display yours in the Kitchen or Living room, try to keep the space open and NOT cluttered. Consider the vibrations of the room and how you would want it to feel when placing them in a certain room. Light is always a good source of energy, but direct light can make certain stones fade in color (even if it is natural.) A glass bowl displaying your gemstones will definitely draw the eye, offer vibrations easily, and offer a pop of color needed!

Keeping gemstones in your Bedroom is a great idea; especially when placed next to your bedside. Consider a wooden box or a satchel to safely place your gemstones/crystals next to your bedside!

Can I take my Gemstones/Crystals with me and keep them safe?

Yes, absolutely! You would be surprised how many people travel with their gemstones/crystals! I have seen anything from keychains on steering wheels to Sun catchers that hang on the Rearview mirror. Those are a few ways you can safely carry gemstones with you in your car. You can also protect your gemstones by placing them in a small satchel with drawstring. Crystals for 'protection' would might include Turquoise, Snowflake Obsidian, Tourmaline, and Quartz.

Here's the secret to something that a lot of women are doing, but they are not talking about it...A lot of women are carrying crystals and gemstones in their bra. Is it safe? It just depends. Some gemstones are safe when they touch the skin. There is an exception, Stibnite. It is extremely toxic and poisonous. Before taking on this practice, do your research for the desired gemstone. The second part to this is, DON'T FORGET IT'S THERE! You'll need to remove it and clean any body oils that may have incurred. If you do carry stones in this area, I would suggest using a small satchel to avoid any body oils getting directly onto them gemstones/crystals.

If you are going on vacation, it's generally a good practice to pack your gemstones in a satchel or box with compartments, and THEN place this between the clothing (so that they are positioned towards the middle of your luggage). You want to provide soft pressure and stability for your gemstones/crystals. It is NOT A GOOD practice to put them on the outside pocket of your suitcase, direct inside pocket, or at the bottom. You increase your chance of severely damaging these precious stones.

How do you store your crystals??? Leave a comment below, if so.

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  • Zach - April 12, 2017

    I have all of my crystals on display

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