✧☽↞ QUICK Guide to Crystals and Their uses ↠☾✧ (alphabatized)

✧☽↞ QUICK Guide to Crystals and Their uses ↠☾✧ (alphabatized)

Welcome to my Blog Post, A Quick guide to Crystals/Gemstones, from A to Z!

Crystals and gemstones offer many gifts that can make your life better! Check back often to this 'REFERRAL' List to find out what stones are the most beneficial metaphysical properties that you'll need at different times in your life. Find out what can accelerate certain gifts, feelings, and personal development! Some Stones even have the capacity to bring rays of positive energy, in ALL colors of the rainbow!

The list is subject to change as I will update as needed.

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AGATE: "Warrior Stone", enhances courage, confidence, and strength

AGATE, BLUE LACE: Calming, Aides Sleep, accelerated spiritual attainment.


AGATE, FIRE: Enhances Chakras, grounds and balances, encourages creativity

AGATE, MOCTEZUMA: Powerful healer

AGATE, MOON: Emotional release & Healing

AGATE, MOSS: "Gardener's Stone" aids circulation

AMAZONITE: Inspiration Stone. Soothing, a peace Maker. Increases will power

AMBER: Absorbs negative energy, manifestation/good luck, revitalizing energy of sun

AMETHYST: Inspiration and Inner Peace, Protection, awakens 3rd eye

AMETRINE, AMETHYST/CITRINE: manifestation of one's vision's. Balance emotions

AMMONITE: Vitality, Transformation, Life Force, promotes positivity

ANDALUSITE: Very strong protection. highly valued because of it's protection.

APACHE TEAR: Protection, Forgiveness

APATITE: Opens your heart center, be kind and friendly

APOPHOLYTE: attune to higher dimensions

APOPHOLLYTE, GREEN: Attracts abundance in all areas, connects to the spiritual


ASTROPHYLLITE: Powerful Personal Stone of Transformation, fine Life Purpose

AQUAMARINE: lucky stone for sailors, mermaid treasures, reduce fears

AVENTURINE: "Leadership Stone", creativity, Blanket of Love, Money

AXINITE: Access spiritual planes, growth and healing, stone of finding inner truth

AZURITE: illuminates darkness of mind, clearing/renewing/raising consciousness.

AZURITE-MALACHITE: 3rd eye stone, awakens psychic abilities, aids in spiritual guidance, absorbs energy and activates chakras. Extremely powerful Metaphysical Stone

BARITE ROSE: Loyalty (relationship stone)

BERYL: curbs laziness, promote happiness, and reawaken love in relationships

BLOODSTONE: Courage and Strength

BOJI: Clears, aligns, supercharges chakras. Balance/Healing. Grounding. telepathy.

BULLY'S EYE: Self confidence

CALCITE: Transformation Stone, bridges communication to spirit, energy amplifier

CALCITE, BLUE: Relaxation

CALCITE, ORANGE: Sexual and Creative Energy

CALCITE, GREEN: Refreshing Energy/Joy

CALCITE, RED: Sensory Awareness/Vitality

CARNELIAN: Strength and Fertility

CELESTITE: Throat chakra, encourages communication with higher beings

CHALCEDONY: Spiritual Communication (Prayer)

CHALCOPYRITE: Endurance (aka peacock ore)

CHAROITE: Detox from inner negative energy, psychic stimulator, helps energy healers

CHIASTOLITE: Dispels negativity, helps during times of change, provides insight

CHYRSOCOLLA: Stress Relief, promotes love and communication, dissipates stress

CHRYSOPHRASE: eases depression

CITRENE: Mental Clarity and Awareness, Luck, and Money

COOKEITE: Healer stone, clean energy, purifies space, attracts angelic protection.

CORAL, AGATIZED: support dysfunctional families/relations

DANBURITE: Enlightenment, patience, and understanding, Spirit Guide connection

DIAMOND: draws out toxicity, Symbolizes purity, amplify energies

DRAGON STONE: locate and unlock unknown strength

DUMORTIERITE: Opens doors of Insight

EMERALD: stone of loyalty and success, unconditional Love, brings harmony

FLUORITE: Balances Mental Energy (comprehension)

FLUORITE, PURPLE: helps concentration, focus, and awaken visions/clairvoyance

FUCHSITE: Reflection/healing of self. Promotes energy of positivity/miracles.

GARNET:Health, Creative Energies, Devotion, Regeneration, Luck, awakens inner fire.

GOLDSTONE: Deflects unwanted energy

GROSSULAR GARNET: Prosperity and health

HAWK'S EYE: "Warrior Stone" Sight

HEMATITE: Protection/grounding. Clarity/blance/calm. Creates peaceful relations.

HEMATITE, RAINBOW: Stone of the Mind

HERKIMER DIAMOND: Psychic attunement, astral travels, very high vibration

HOWLITE: Patience, Eases Anxiety

IOLITE: Inner vision, Shamanic journey, direct path to emotional healing, explore past lives and karmic lessons

JADE: Luck, Long Life

JADE, WHITE: Peace, calmness, clarity, protects your energy against negativity

JASPER, BRECIATED: Organization/healing of the body. Grow deep roots.

JASPER, IMPRESSION: Inner peace, attacts abundance and success

JASPER, LEOPARD SKIN: "Jaguar Stone" Awakens animal instincts

JASPER, MOOKAITE: Focus of thoughts/emotions, make choices more clearly

JASPER, PICASSO: Celebrate Life and encourage self-worth

JASPER, PICTURE: Earth's awareness stone

JASPER, RAINFOREST: Stops procrastination, deal with past life issues and karma

JASPER, RED: Relieves Grief and Sadness

JASPER, SPIDERWEB: Soothes frayed nerves

JASPER, YELLOW: healing of the heart

JASPER, YOUNGITE: Shamanic journey stone, healing, focus, and joy

JASPER, ZEBRA: Balance between physical/astral planes, tap into universal love

JET: protection/Good Stone for travelers

KYANITE, BLUE: stimulates spirit connection and psychic awareness

KYANITE, BLACK: Creates Protective Energy Shield, Strong grounding stone

KUNZITE: Opens one up to Love, empathy and understanding of relationships

LABRADORITE: Stimulates physical feeling and imagination

LAPIS LAZULI: inner vision, awareness, and wisdom

LARIMAR: Dolphin Stone, very relaxing, emotional honesty, aids in contacting Angels

LAVA:  Strength, stability thru changes, grounding stone, alleviates stress

LEPIDOLITE: Relaxes, calms, optimism. Promotes enlightenment, spirituality.

MALACHITE: Transformation, Powerful Healer, Strengthens intuition. Protection.

MERLINITE: Enhances psychic gifts, aids in mediumship

MICA: Aligns Center Energies, releases energy blockage

MOLDAVITE: Access higher dimensions. Transformation/Ascension for healers.

MOOKAITE: Acceptance of Change

MOONSTONE: Intuition, new beginnings, re-birth. Stone of wishes.

MOONSTONE, RAINBOW: helps you unwind Life's Daily Routines, protection, growth

MOONSTONE, GREY: Promotes personal growth, protection. Balance hormones

NUMITE: Protective Stone, very powerful for spiritual growth, psychic development

OBSIDIAN, BLACK: Spiritual Protector, helps understand fears

OBSIDIAN, SHEEN: get in touch with buried issues before they explode

OBSIDIAN, MAHAGANY: Raises awareness of self worth

OBSIDIAN, SNOWFLAKE: helps to overcome undesired conditions

ONYX: Focus, weight loss, Self mastery, visions/guidance in meditation.

OPAL, BLUE: heal old wounds, heal the earth

OPAL, BUTTE: Brings out inner beauty

OPAL, CHERRY: Fight depression, lethargy. promotes intuition and joy

OPAL, PINK: Stone of hope and Luck, love and healing

PEACOCK ORE: Happiness, vitality, new direction, hope, trust. Protection.

PEARL: Stimulates clarity, wisdom, purity, heighten intuition, attract prosperity

PERIDOT: Purity and Compassion. Finding Wisdom

PETRIFIED WOOD: Wisdom, Patience, Change. Access to past lives.

PIETERSITE: Stone of Visions. Higher levels of awareness. Stimulates intuition.

PRASIOLITE: Spiritual growth/expression. Clears Negativity/attracts prosperity.

PREHNITE: Up-lifter, protects astral traveler, strengthens life force/higher dimensions.

PYRITE: increases memory and concentration, increases luck

QUANTUM QUATRO: Draws out negativity/trauma, intense spiritual activation

QUARTZ: ANGEL AURORA:  Aids in connection with angels, promotes peace

QUARTZ, CLEAR: The Stone of Knowledge, enhances and directs energy

QUARTZ, ROSE: to give/receive love. Heals emotional pain. Balances yin/yang.

QUARTZ, RUTILE: Carry high vibration, stone of attunement, connection with Divine, great tool for channeling and astral travel, enhances psychic abilities

QUARTZ, SMOKEY: luck, improves sex and fertility, eases depression

QUARTZ, SPIRIT: meditation stone for astral travel, aligns chakras, relieves fear

QUARTZ TOURMALTED: Releasing Fears and Worry


RHODOCHROSITE: Self Love, confidence, balance, inner conflict

RHODONITE, PINK & BLACK: alleviates nightmares, activates brotherly love.

RHYOLITE: Sparks Creativity, breaks thru barriers. Positivity/Hope/Happiness.

ROSELITE: Stimulates ESP, increases passion and romance

ROSEWOOD: Shield from negative energy, manifest dreams/desires

RUBY: Protection of the Home and Worldly Possessions

RUDRAKSHA SEEDS: personal growth, connect with spiritual self

SANDALWOOD: Increases positive energy, optimism, and curbs depression

SAPPHIRE: Stone of Wisdom, spiritual enlightenment, stone of holy blessings.

SELENITE: expands awareness, develops intuition, cleanses energy

SELENITE ROSE: mental/Spiritual Expansion, time travel. "magician's stone"

SERAPHINITE: self healing, contact angels

SERPENTINE: emotional cleansing, love and money, guards against disease

SHATTUCKITE: Channeling, communicating, and receiving guidance from Spirit

SHUNGITE: Detox for mind, body and soul, protects from EMF's, grounding

SODALITE: Logical thinking, awakens 3rd eye, prepares the mind to receive intuition

STAUROLITE: Good luck, courage, protection. Manifestation and Higher Self.

STELLERITE: Calmness, helps during transformation, connection to Angels,

SUGILITE: Powerful Love Stone, aligns and balances chakras, strength, and courage

SUNSTONE: moderates fear, increases happiness, and boosts enthusiasm

TANZANITE: Connects to Divine Love, powerful stone for psychics, helps release stress

TIGER'S EYE:  Luck, Balance extremes, Protection, success with money

TOPAZ: Works to balance hormones, combat aging, attract love and prosperity.

TOURMALINE, BLACK: Protection on all levels

TOURMALINE, PINK: Activator of heart chakra, express love and happiness

TURQUOISE: protection, luck, friendship

ULEXITE: known as the T.V. Stone, rapid psychic development/clairvoyant abilities

UNAKITE: Balance of yin and yang, stimulates healthy pregnancy

ZEBRA STONE: Increases Sexual Energy



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