50 Signs of Spiritual Awakening

50 Signs of Spiritual Awakening
Hi! Welcome to my Blog post, 50 Signs of Spiritual Awakenings that you may be experiencing!
A Spiritual Awakening is when someone has become aware and awakened thru a stages of awakening. One of the most important things we can do for ourselves, as apart of a healing process, is to honor the core of who we are... the undeniable, universal being that connects every soul on this planet, our Spirit! As you go thru this Spiritual journey, you'll begin to experience spiritual change in various forms, best known as AWAKENING SYMPTOMS.
A Spiritual Awakening is realizing that WE ARE much more than we have been taught to believe. You are not a human having an a Human experience. You are a Spirit having a Human Experience! Your conscious thoughts move outside of this form and connect to the Universe, the Divine, God, The Creator.
We reincarnate until we realize the full potential of our Spirit through an awakening process. No matter your level of Awareness or Level of Conscious Awareness, you feel the expansion of great eternal progress. It is the epitome of the human experience!
Here are the first 3 main Awakening Symptoms of the Spirit:
1. Shifting of desires to spiritual interests. Almost like a thirst that can't be thwarted, your spirit saturates itself with knowledge Truths of all kinds. Old thought patterns are shed as Enlightening thoughts flood the mind/soul.
2. You find yourself less and less worried about life and what might naturally make you full of fear....you now are less reactive. You might feel light, like a deep relaxing breath has taken a hold of you! Understand, through all of your thirst for knowledge, you've been building a trusting relationship with a Higher Being, your Higher Self. You've undoubtedly built a bridge of trust to that Higher Being, therefore you intuitively understand that life will unfold EXACTLY the way it is meant to be.
3. Concepts of manifesting begin to emerge. Your energy are thoughts IN motion. That's why they are called emotions. They are full of thoughts, whether they are negative or positive!  Coincidences and Synchronicities tell you that you are headed in the right direction!
1. Tendency to allow things to happen instead of forcing them.
2. Living more from Heart Center, feelings of connection to Divine love.
3. 'Showing up' without hesitation and realized that all things are connected.
4. You stop being judgmental toward others. Period.
5. You Stop judging self.
6. You tend to worry less about life, and Live more FREELY in the present .
7. You become more authentically yourself. Your life's experiences are now converging and making sense. You become aware of what you came here to do. You stand up and take action without guilt or fear of intolerance. Be on the look out for new gifts of healing coming your way. You feel stronger, spiritually/physically/psychologically/emotionally.
8. You may find yourself having overwhelming feelings of appreciation.
9. You begin to have a positive and uplifting effect on others.
10. You psychic abilities have increased/intuition. Intuition is an Expression of the Divine Being.
11. You realize that Love is universal and has no limitations or conditions.
12. You look past social status, race ethnicity, age, disability, religion, politics, disorders, backgrounds, etiquettes, or mistakes--YOU WILL see the person as a Divine Being, just like yourself.
13. You tend to let go of the past more and more and live more fully in the present.
14. Easily adapt to situations, people, and places.
15. Rapid manifestation of Intentions and heart's desires.
16. You become less likely to serve Yourself, but you make it a mission to be in the service of others.
17. For the first time in your life, you are craving for life's meaning, purpose, revelations and spiritual connections.
18. Find yourself more and more repelled by negativity in various forms, such as social media, News, Music. Naturally, positive music and social media outlets will resonate with you.
19. You adapt a healthier way of living and change your eating habits to a healthy diet.
Are you having any of these symptoms of spiritual awakening? If so, leave a comment below!
20. The life will be full of deeper meaning and more aware of life's experiences and what they have learned from them, and why.
21. You'll experience activity at the crown of your head. EX: ringing in the ears, feeling off balance, buzzing/vibrations at the top of head, sensations of energy pouring into the crown, hair standing up on the ends, and even goosebumps. Do not be afraid, it simply means that you are opening up to receive Divine energy. This is a symptom, but not a medical diagnosis. Please always consult your physician first.
22. Strong desire of change, to break free from restrictive patterns, toxic people, and negative situations. For example, you may have an urge to have a career change. You may go thru many job choices before the right one is chosen. You are free to become who you truly are. You unclutter yourself from people and things that no longer serve you.
23. You become emotional for no apparent reason. It is better to allow this (then to ask why) because it is the Soul's way of releasing old energy. You may even view this as removing 'Blockages'.
24. You seek solitude and introspection, AKA 'sacred space'. You may withdraw from people and less interested in extroverted activities. Seeking solitude will help you connect on a deeper level to the Universal Truths and help develop your soul's journey.
25. Old relationships are released. Therefore, you may disconnect from people within your current circle.
26. You develop food allergies and food intolerances you never had before. Your body is telling you what you can no longer tolerate and needs to cleanse of toxins.
27. You become more aware of your surroundings, especially to energy. For instance, upon entering a room, you become aware of people's moods. Also, if an argument recently took place, you'll be able to feel it.
28. You'll experience heightened sensitivity, in various forms. (see Highly Sensitive People)
29. You experience vision change in many ways: blurry vision, hazy visions, ability to see things in places that existed a long time ago (but, no longer do)see shimmering objects, auras around people, pets, and plants, colors are more vivid, opaque visions. When you close your eyes, you geometric shapes and brilliant colors.
30. Some may feel inexplicable momentary sensations of heat that can only be defined as power surges. This heat can be rolling currents of energy that seem to be intense. Do not be alarmed as you may be developing as an energy worker, especially if you notice the heat running through your hands.
31. Vibrating at higher frequencies makes the skin look younger!! You are vibrating at higher frequencies than you ever have before. As a result, the cells in your body begin to react and happily rejuvenate, especially since you've accepting to love yourself more!
32. You either enjoy more creativity or become creative yourself. Inspirations of music, drawing, photography, cooking manifest, sometimes rapidly and in 'bursts'.
33. Increase in synchronicities and coincidences. The Awakening process makes you aware of your connectedness as well as making the experiences more meaningful.
34. You'll experience a greater sense of 'Oneness'. From the very fabric of time to the cells of our bodies, we are connected. We apart of everything and everything is apart of us.
35. You rapidly move thru life's lessons; or at least a rapid movement thereof. You have more courage, strength, wisdom, and compassion now as well as a different point of view on life. These tools propel you forward.
36. Your ego will let go of the fear of death or dying. This can be rare, but the soul will see beyond the illusion of our body. We connect to the Divine Infinity because our soul will reincarnate. You may even recall past lives.
37. Expectations of something 'Big' is about to happen. It is inexplicable, but you have a looming expectation of change or feel an energy shift on it's way.
38. You may feel, detect, or become sensitive to invisible energies around you. Personally, I have experienced the presence of people and spirits mainly at night. Unfortunately, it happens more at bed time. So, I have to bless my bed and the surrounding area!
39. Out-of-Body Experiences! This usually occurs unconsciously while you sleep. However, it's easier to tap into the Astral world this way!
40. Stronger connection to the Earth
41. Develop a sensitivity to crowds and loud environments.
42. Power surges, outside of your body! Lightbulbs will flicker, your ipad completely goes out (even though it was fully charged) computer locks up, the t.v. goes haywire. Anything with electromagnets can be affected. Your vibrations are increasing which creates a bizarre friction between the two. I've even set off a fire alarm before!
43. Changes in sleep patterns. You'll wake up after fallen asleep 3 hours before. Often waking up every 3 hours. Rest easy! You are experiencing a transfer of energy.
44. Channeling of messages from Spirt. Contact with divine energy and communicating with spirit guides is truly amazing!
45. Suppressed memories and images of the past now SURFACE. Even though this can be uncomfortable, it can be a vital part of the growth to remove 'blockages'.
46. Increased interest in the Metaphysical, especially anything related to developing the min-body-spirit connection.
47. Increased empathy for others.
48. Zone out for extended periods.
49. Weight changes. Either more of, or loss of.
50. Feeling Energized. Fluctuations of energy, sometimes at an all-time-high.
All of these signs may not apply to you. With that being said, your spiritual awakening is a journey. It happens for you, not to you. It's best to not have fear, but to ask your Guides/the Creator (whatever your practice may be) to help. Recognize and HONOR these signs (for yourself) so you can understand the development of the soul. We are not born with roadmaps; yet it's essential to learn what to look for.
Have you experienced any of these signs? If so, comment below!

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  • Elle - June 02, 2021

    Hello good day am Elle i have been experiencing some of this signs this days, Dore it has happened before everything changed and it’s stressful not been able to sleep as i used to and experiencing wired uncomfortable feeling like freky wired am sure u won’t understand me at all but how to i fully harness this feelings in a position way and fight the negative way i need ur reply cause it’s really argent thanks allot please email me.

  • Laszlo Dian - December 14, 2018

    I am very greatfull for your post.It discribes perfectly what I am going thru.Please send an e-mail to get in touch.I want to contact with people like me.

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