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Who we are: We are a family owned business that specializes in gemstones, rocks, jewelry, and hula hoops. That's right, I said HULA HOOPS! Our team is filled with dynamic people! This is a dual site, catering to those who are in need of hula hoops AND to those who enjoy gemstones, rocks, jewelry, art, and more!

The mission of Texas Hoop Company: We are centered around exercise, good nutrition, mindfulness in a ROCKSTAR style! Which is why we've got to share it with you! It's all about the FUN, FITNESS, SUPPORT, AND POSITIVITY! Our Mission is to spread the love of hooping thru hoops and fitness!

WE ARE ALSO a down to earth Rock Shop AND a long time lover of ALL things gemstones, fossils, jewelry, crystals, minerals, and other strange archaeological delights! Definitely a gallery full that delight big kids and little ones too!

MISSION for The Pink Buffalo Store: Both in shop and on-line presence, we want to offer a wide variety of the most unique, high quality items at a fair price!  We also want to educate our customers to the best of our ability about items we sell.

Stop by often as we frequently add and update new things to the site and shop!

Why YOU'LL LOVE US: This community feels like Home! People love exercising to music and sharing endorphins! In fact, you'll thrive on our creative class options for Hoop fitness, Dance fitness, and more! The demand from our clients drive us forward into the future, offering varied opportunities! Our goal is to provide you an opportunity to reach your optimal fitness goals!

Membership allows you to live a healthy way of life anywhere, anytime. We provide online workout videos, discounts through Member Advantage, and much more.

Empower your own unique hoop journey with our hand-crafted, specially- design Hoops. Experience an enjoyable Fitness Class that yields great results, helps shed pounds, lose inches from the waistline and sculpt the entire body, all the while SMILING! Connect with a community that motivates and experience the benefits of Hooping we desire TODAY!

Find out what Elizabeth Allen, co-creator of Texas Hoop Company, has to say about Hoops and Weight Loss: "At one point in my life, I weighed nearly 220 pounds and in a size 20. At a very young age (in my 30's), I began to experience indicators of pre-diabetes, heart issues...and my husband was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. I knew I had to make a dramatic change as well as create a new life-style for my family, FAST. The BEST decision I ever made to begin the healthy lifestyle was to hula hoop; second was to change our eating habits. I lost 60 pounds and I feel free, empowered, and sexy!" "Now, my husband is Cancer Free! I couldn't be more happier, excited, and motivated!"

 TEXAS HOOP COMPANY LOVES SOCIAL MEDIA! You'll find LOTS of cool stuff, like how to do tricks, exercise ideas, healthy recipes and other fun stuff. So, make sure you check us out on: Youtube, Pinterst, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SNAPCHAT, Google+, and Etsy!

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