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AMAZONITE  (Gamber’s stone) is a powerful energy of hope, optimism and joy. Tap into uplifting energy while also embracing the spiritual significance. It is similar to jade that it is associated with money, luck and overall success. Because it it known as the Gambler’s stone, it encourages good luck and fortune.

HEART AND THROAT CHAKRA. Zodiac stone for Virgo.

YES, BUT HOW DO I USE IT? Carry worrystones in your pocket. Wear amazonite as earring or necklace. Place Amazonie stone near the north area of your home or office. This will ensure the positive energy flows when it comes into your career or life path.

DESCRIPTION: Mostly opaque color with pale milky-white cloudiness, ranging from light green to greenish blue. Ranges from .75” to 1.5”

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