Amethyst Scepters

Texas Hoop Company

$ 8.00 

AMETHYST SCEPTER  (BRAZILIAN) this crystal is a Scepter. Scepter quartz are nature’s directional pointers.  They are one of the most powerful Seekers – crystals that point us to the thing we do not have, yet desire. They are used for focusing one’s power and energy on a single, important task or goal.  They will significantly amplify the Universal Life Force in efforts demanding seemingly slavish focus.

3RD EYE CHAKRA AND CROWN CHAKRAZodiac stone for Pisces.

WHERE DO I PLACE THIS STONE? This stone would be perfect for high traffic areas, the middle of a grid, and worn on the body when going into public places.

DESCRIPTION: With the Scepter like shape, It has a  swirling mix of colors, inclusions, and unusual formations. Measure 3”.

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