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$ 4.00 

ANGELITE acts as a tiny little angel that emits reassuring vibes that calm and guide you through difficult times. This is a very protective stone that promotes compassion, peace and help transform tension/stress.. Promotes forgiveness and a deep understanding of difficult times.

Throat Chakra. Zodiac stone for Pisces.

HOW DO I USE THIS STONE? Did you know you can talk to stones? While you hold your Angelite, ask yourself how you can change your life.  You can also ask to connect with your angels thru this stone. Keep it next to your bed or in the living space to invite peace and tranquility, especially for a good night’s sleep.

DESCRIPTION: Angelite is a soft lilac or glacier-blue color. It will occasionally have snow-white flecks with some brown. Measures .75 to 1”

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