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$ 3.00 

APATITE-put a jumpstart on your life with Blue Apatite! It pulls you out of mental and emotional fogs and emmerses you into a bright, positive light. It will help you see all the possibilities you have been missing or just didn’t see! Motivate your spirit to go out and conquer your wish list. Shift your priorities, focus on your health, and make conscious decisions to create a healthier version of yourself!  Enhances public speaking and communication in groups.


HOW DO I USE THIS STONE? Place apatite over your 3rd eye chakra and ask yourself how you can make better choices for yourself. Keep this stone in the windowsill or kitchen area to tame under eating and overeating that might result from stress.

DESCRIPTION: This mineral is a deep, ocean blue. However, it comes it multiple colors of blue, green, and gold. Measures right under 1”.

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