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APOPHYLLITE It is believed to calm the mind and be a cleanser of negative thoughts. this crystal is spiritually strong and shot with incredibly high vibrations. Apophyllite holds a high-water content which brings about its incredibly ability to conduct electricity. this crystal immediately gets to work and removes blockages, making sure that your heart and your head stay clear and connected and ever ready to overcome those mired feelings of stress and anxiety. Apophyllite is also known for its ability to tap into hidden psychic powers. From clairvoyance and visions to linking spirit and truth, this stone has big things in store for those who are open to deepened spiritual practice.


HOW DO I USE IT?  the trick is to find a piece and keep it close by so that it can keep chipping away at those blocks and leave you open and ready for radiant communion with the cosmos. This stone is enchanting and soothing and makes an amazing addition to any Home or Office. One of the best ways to say yes to all the healing benefits of Apophyllite is by choosing an Apophyllite bracelet or other form of gemstone jewelry centered around the stone. Healing crystals work best when they are pressed directly against our skin as they are able to instantly transmute those healing vibes without anything getting in the way. When we wear Apophyllite we are keeping our hearts and crowns open to any messages or visions that the universe wants to send our way and we are keeping our intentions ever-present and pure.

Apophyllite whose name roughly means "to leaf apart" in Greek, is a mineral classic. It was given its name because crystals tend to peel or flake apart when they are heated due to the loss of water molecules.is a crystal that's usually clear, white, yellow, pink, green, brown or violet in color. It can also be transparent or opaque. Measures 1” to 1.5” in length.

Your stone will be chosen for you. All stones and minerals have been saged and blessed. 

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