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$ 5.00 

AQUAMARINE is a stone of Sirens and Mermaids, which is also associated with the Ocean. And water is associated with emotions! Use aquamarine to shield your emotions from outside influences or even negativity, and self-doubt. Work with it’s higher vibrational powers to wash away negativity, allowing the aura to be purified and all chakras aligned. Reduce stress and increase intuitive powers. Raise your consciousness so that you can operate as your higher-self! 

THROAT CHAKRA. This water stone is closely connected to Pisces and Aquarius. It also supports Gemini and Libra.

WHERE DO I PLACE THIS STONE? Harness the stone’s power by direct connection to your body. Put aquamarine near the northern end of the bedroom or wherever you mostly meditate/pray. It will help with calmness and reflection during meditation.  Sleep with this stone nearby to get a very good sleep.

This stone is a Beryl Mineral that is pal blue, light blue, blue-green, or even colorless. The Tumbled is much nicer, smoother, and has a rich blue-green color. Tumbled is .5 to .7”.

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