Arizona Azumer

Texas Hoop Company

$ 6.00 

ARIZONA AZUMAR  is a powerful stone with a frequency level high enough to cause the water in our bodies to vibrate at such a rate that it triggers a restructuring of our DNA.  Its vibration is truly rejoicing and triggers us to become more aware of who we are as we take our place in the web of life. "I AM RELAXED & LET GO."


HOW DO I USE IT? Azumar is a great stone to have near the tub, when you just want to unwind and rejuvinate. In fact, this stone would work perfectly in Salons because it has the potential to fill an entire room with the sensations of pure love and energy of such ecstasy! This stone heightens the senses of Oracles, Seers and Telepaths.

DESCRIPTION: Measures .75 to 1” in length.

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