Black Onyx

Texas Hoop Company

$ 4.00 

BLACK ONYX dispels feelings of worry and self doubt. They will help you rid yourself of the negative energy that worry builds up in your aura. Onyx is a stone for banishing grief, enhancing self-control and wise decision making. It cools and condenses excessive energy and calms nervousness. 

ROOT CHAKRA. Leo Zodiac stone.

HOW DO I USE IT? Like a stress ball, rubbing your thumb along the indentation provides relief from daily stress and anxiety that constrict our full potential as beings of energy and light. Use this crystal formation in your home to dispel a negative energy environment. Onyx is also a protective stone for dark night travels. 

DESCRIPTION: Black Onyx can often exhibit whitish or greyish whirls and spots that will look like spilled milk inside of the gemstoneMeasures 1” in length

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