Blue Aragonite

Texas Hoop Company

$ 6.00 

BLUE ARAGONITE has a comforting, optimistic and joyful vibration, and enhances your ability to communicate, particularly spiritually. It is a stone of hope, and assists you to be more compassionate in your dealings with other people,  may help to relieve stress, and aids emotional healing. If communicating with your spirit guides, its energy aids you to communicate with more accuracy. If you have been difficult situations where you have been left feeling some degree of personal wounding, Blue Aragonite is an excellent stone to heal you.


HOW DO I USE IT? it is beneficial to put on in your pocket while you are working, to aid you to be more empathetic. If you are able to find a pendant you like, this makes it easy to keep a piece of stone on you. It is beneficial for metaphysical healers and for massage therapists who do body work, where it is helpful for you to communicate more sensitively.

DESCRIPTION: Blue Aragonite is highly polished Blue Aragonite tumbled stone set. Well formed and quite stunning..75” to 1.1” in length.

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