Caramel Calcite

Texas Hoop Company

$ 4.00 

CARAMEL CALCITE means strength of spirit and energy! It has a burst of citrus fresh fabulousness and its incredible amplifying energy, Calcite is a stone that kisses you with a surge of energy, ever ready to light a fire in your soul. For those times in life when you feel like you need a complete spring clean, Calcite can swoop in and bring its invigorating flow to flush out old stagnant habits, unhook the anchors, and leave you dancing light on your feet. Each brings its own radiant energy but all Calcite is here to encourage creative expression, wash away negativity, and to nurture emotional healing so you can lead the life you were born to live. 

THRID EYE CHAKRA. Zodiac sign supported is Cancer.

YES, BUT HOW DO I USE THIS STONE? Meditate with Caramel Calcite either at your base or on your Third Eye envisioning golden rays of refreshing energy radiating from your entire being. You are a creative being that is bursting with ideas and plans. Caramel Calcite will help you focus those energies on the thoughts that are most important.

DESCRIPTION: Smooth and Rich in both texture and color, it balances between golden honey and caramel in color. Measures .75” in length

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