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$ 1.00 

FLOURITE (THE GENIOUS STONE) is believed to be the home to rainbows. Each stone if full of color and dimension. This stone wards of negative energy and keeps your aura shining bright. For those who deal with scattered brain, it helps you harness structure. If you are restless and kind of all over the place-mentally, it helps usher in focus, grounding, and centralized your thinking.

THRID EYE CHAKRA. Zodiac signs supported are Capricorn and Pisces.

HOW DO I USE THIS STONE? Enhance your personal power by placing flourite under your pillow, or at work (wherever your emotions are being most tested.)

DESCRIPTION: Most of the stones are extremely colorful, exhibiting greens, purples, and clear colors. Small stone measures .65” and large measures 1”

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