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$ 2.00 

GARNET-JANUARY BIRTHSTONE is a stone of Self Empowerment, literally boosting your higher thinking. Garnet increases willpower and strength. It dissolves feelings of isolation and alienation. Because it has been named as “the Stone of Commitment” it attracts intimate encounters, drawing in the perfect partner! It is a stone of physical love and relationships. Stone of health that drains negativity from the chakras, transmuting and restoring that energy to it’s beneficial state.

SACRAL CHAKRA. Zodiac sign for Aquarius

WHERE DO I PLACE THIS STONE? Wearing or holding garnet will keep it working hard, for your highest good. Use garnet prayer beads or Mala necklace during meditation. Garnet is known to fight nightmares, providing solutions to the mysteries of dreams. Place this stone under your pillow or mattress. Because this is a stone of love, it is an essential to the bedroom, specifically the south corner. 

Small Measures .5” and Large measures 1”

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