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$ 4.00 

LARGE HEMATITE one of the most powerful grounding stones, it is rich with iron content making it a heavy stone that anchors you to the earth. It provides a feeling of security and support, regardless of the chaos that may be happening around you. Dissolves stress and overwhelming feelings. Improves logic and memory.

ROOT CHAKRA. Zodiac stone for Aquarius

WHERE DO I PLACE THIS STONE? Place hematite in your career area, northern most part of your work space. If you are a creative or have children who love to create, this would be the stone you need to promote the creativity. If you wish to promote a deep, healing sleep-Hematite is a good choice. Just hold it in your hands, close your eyes, and visualize you having a good night’s sleep. 

DESCRIPTION: Hematite can have a shiny metallic luster from earthy to sub metallic to metallic. The color can range from red, brown, black, grey, and silver. Measures .75” to 2”

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