Red Tiger’s Eye

Texas Hoop Company

$ 1.00 

RED TIGER’S EYE is a stone of power and passion. Closely connected to the human sex drive, it’s often used to increase libido. More importantly, Red Tiger’s eye is a motivator thru high energy, enhancing confidence and self-esteem. Promotes FOCUS.

ROOT CHAKRA. Zodiac gemstone for Taurus, Gemini, and Leo.

WHERE DO I PLACE THIS STONE? 0n your base chakra and another on your brow. When needing motivation, this would be a great stone to carry in your car or place at work. For students, place in the back pack for focus.

Red Tiger’s Eye is a deep maroon-red color to amber. Fibers appear when a polished stone is moved back and forth.  Measures 1” to 1.5”.

Your stone will be chosen for you. Stone may vary in size, shape, and color. All stones have been saged and blessed. 

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