Malachite tumbled

Texas Hoop Company

$ 6.00 

Malachite is believed to be a very lucky stone, connected to money and abundance-believed to enhance manifesting powers. It’s certainly a protective stone that absorbs negative energy, but also protects you from harmful EMF’s in our environment.  Because of it’s deep, healing green nature-it is a stone of transformation. it is meant to help one assist in changing situations and provides support for spiritual growth. It has a stimulating Life force that draws out impurities within our Auras and body.

HOW DO I USE IT? It guards against harmful, environmental radiation, keep near microwaves, fluorescent lighting, cell phones, computers, and t.v.’s. Malachite is a great stone for those who travel for a living, protecting those against accidents. Provides clear thinking to those in the administration field. And, even better for those who have a fear of flying! Hold it and envision yourself on the wings of an Archangel! Helps smooth jet lag as well. Great stone to have in your car to help you in your travel on the highways, especially on congested highways.

DESCRIPTION: Ranging from 1 to 3” in length, Malachite is RICH in a variety of green colors, with lines of movement and even symbols of the “eye” popping up from time to time.


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