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$ 5.00 

PIETERSITE stops emotional turmoil. Cleanses the Aura. When life is rough like a storm in the Ocean, it restores calmness and embraces you with love. This is the perfect meditation tool as it centers you completely.

ACTIVATES ALL CHAKRAS. Zodiac stone for Leo.

WHERE DO I PLACE THIS STONE? Just like Tiger’s Eye, this stone is best worn near the body. Pietersite is literally Yellow, Blue, and Red Tiger’s Eye-ALL MIXED TOGETHER. It’s like 3 stones for the price of one ;0)

Pietersite is a variety of quartz, composed naturally of Yellow Tiger’s Eye, Blue Tiger’s eye, and Red Tiger’s Eye as well as Jasper. It has incredible chatoyancy and brilliance of life. It’s dominate colors are golden hues. Length on the average is about 1”.


Your stone will be chosen for you. Stones will vary in size, shape, and color. All stones are saged and blessed.

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