Rainbow Moonstone

Texas Hoop Company

$ 3.00 

RAINBOW MOONSTONE restores hope where it has been lost. Restores harmony when the scales have been unbalanced. Enhances creativity to the Artist. And, for those who are “awakening”-this will help you on your journey by strengthening your intuition and psychic perception (especially offering visions of things that aren’t immediately obvious.)

CROWN CHAKRA. Zodiac stone for Cancer. JUNE BIRTHSTONE.

WHERE DO I PLACE THIS STONE? You can place this stone under your pillow to aid in calmness while sleeping. Meditating with this placed on your crown chakra is believed to be the most optimal way of stimulating the crown chakra. You may also place it under your mattress or near your bed.

Rainbow Moonstone is a white stone that features an occasional Iridescent and blue flashes. It can look transparent at times, but is best seen in natural lighting. Small sizes are 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch. Large is 1 inch to 1.4” in length.


Your stone will be chosen for you. Stones may vary in size, color, and shape. All stones have been saged and blessed. 

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