Rose Quartz

Texas Hoop Company

$ 1.00 

ROSE QUARTZ-STONE OF LOVE (top seller) When you have Rose Quartz, you have the energy of love. Rose Quartz reminds you to live with love in your heart. It naturally attracts love and aids in helping find the right love. It is infused with compassion, understanding, and love and will help apply it to all aspects of your life.

HEART CHAKRA. Zodiac stone for Taurus.

WHERE DO I PLACE THIS STONE? Whenever your feeling burnt out or just need to fill yourself up with love, wear Rose Quartz near the heart. You can also use it as a pocket stone as a constant reminder that love is always near.  Another simple application is to place it near the bed, under the bead, or in the 4 corners of the bedroom. You can also bury them at the four corners of your house, creating a “foundation of love” for your home. You can also place rose quartz in a mister and spread the love throughout spaces needing that energy the most.

DESCRIPTION: Rose Quartz is usually a light rose pink color.

Small tumbled stone is .5 to .75”

Large Rough is 1 to 1.75” in length.

Large Tumbled is 1” to 2.5” in length.

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