Ruby in Kyanite-July birthstone

Texas Hoop Company

$ 8.00 

RUBY IN KYANITE (July birthstone) The Ruby aspect in Kyanite acts as a nurturing stone with healing and positive effects on the emotions. Ruby protects against the loss of heart energy, and dissolves emotional congestion. Ruby in Kyanite is a very complex stone that helps one ground and channel higher vibrations into this earthly plane. These vibrations are extremely potent and can have a drastic effect on one’s manifesting ability. When working with this crystal, one's personal will, will rapidly go into overdrive. This will eliminate any procrastination or excuse that could deter you from your desires.

HEART, ROOT, SOLAR, AND 3RD EYE CHAKRA. Zodiac signs supported are Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

HOW DO I USE THIS STONE? Keep close to your body/aura.

DESCRIPTION: Hues of ocean blue, purple, violet, and white colors. Occasionally small veins of all 3 minerals can be found together, thus creating an extremely rare mineral Measures 1 to 1.5” in length.

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