Smokey Quartz

Texas Hoop Company

$ 2.00 

SMOKEY QUARTZ reduces fear, lifts depression and shields you from negativity. It’s also a great for relieving stress and anxiety. This is a great stone to have at work since it also promotes positive thoughts and action.

ROOT CHAKRA ASSOCIATION. Compatible with Capricorn and Libra signs.

WHERE DO I PLACE THIS STONE? Near the front door where it can best perform its protective function. You can also place this in a child’s room, next to a window or even in a home office.

Smokey Quartz (tumbled) comes in a variety of shades ranging from nearly clear to grey, to almost rich in brownish grey. The size varies from 1” to 1.4”.

Your stone will be chosen for you. It may vary in size, color, and shape. All stones have been saged and blessed.

*Disclaier* Metaphysial properties are provided for informational purposes/entertainment only. They are not meant to replace advice of a qualified medical professional.

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