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$ 4.00 

SOLAR ECLIPSE QUARTZ is quartz from Arkansas that we mined during the major August 21st, 2017. This solar eclipse was dubbed “the Great American Eclipse” and was a total solar eclipse. And, those within full range of the eclipse knows that it went almost dark (during the day). The eclipse, in phases, looks exactly like a Full Moon Phase, from waxing to waning.  It was also a full moon that same day. It was just the 3 of us at the mine during the eclipse and it was ABSOLUTELY MAGICAL! I will never forget how EVERYTHING JUST HALTED...every bug buzzing and chirping, every creature stirring, and even the wind succumbed to the complete AWE of the Force of Energy building and passing, as we happily mined the amazing quartz revealing themselves to only us inside that Arkansas Quarry. Quartz is already a Master Stone, but these are extra special and very limited. In fact, our little pieces are almost gone. If you are interested in having bigger pieces from that day, please email me and I will happily reply!

HOW DO I USE IT? This powerful stone would be a great addition to any alter or center of the house. Personally, I also placed these in my kitchen because I spend a LOT OF TIME there. Quartz enjoys being around people, so a central location is perfect. I also put this quartz in my Fish Pond because of the loving energy it provides. I have spread out Quartz throughout my garden. I also keep it next to my bed, in my workspace, and about 99% of the time-you’ll catch me wearing it or carrying it. If you enjoy wrapping or just getting started with wire wrapping, quartz is a great stone to work with. It’s one of the hardest minerals, so it won’t crumble under stress or manipulation.

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