Yellow Obsidian

Texas Hoop Company

$ 5.00 

YELLOW OBSIDIAN possesses an incredibly beautiful opaque color that is calming to touch. It is great for boosting your self-esteem and self awareness will reach an all-time high. If you’re seeking abundance and prosperity, this one definitely is for you. Protects against negativity and stops bulllying.

SOLAR PLEXUS. Zodiac stone for Sagittarius and Aries.

WHERE TO I PLACE THIS STONE? This stone is closely connected to pets and children. Place this in a school bag or jacket of a child who is being bullied at school. We recommend using this stone during meditation. Place this in a money area of your house, in your purse, or near a walllet.

Yellow to Opaque color with some rainbow sheen. Measures .75” and has a cubic structure.

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